About Me.


Bob Wilkinson

I always find it difficult to start a bio…. first up I suppose, I’m a dad, a husband, a son and a brother and in all cases family comes first. Thereafter, beyond working in a role that stretches me and allows me to work with a develop people I want to spend time with, I get to doing what I enjoy outside of family and work- running and rugby.

If I start with rugby; after playing for a number of years to a poor standard, but enjoying the vast majority of that playing with my mates, which is what the game is all about, working in rugby off the field has given me the most enjoyment over many years.

Then to running… first came triathlon as a way of getting fit and that went from short ones to the very long ones. Once that was done and dusted a reflection of what I enjoyed the most categorically allowed me to arrive at the fact that running, simply running, allowed me to get and stay fit(tish), spend time with wonderful friends, but most importantly, de-stress each time I went out. And hence, my running journey is so important to my wellbeing.

The last aspect to add here is that, as a Type 1 diabetic, using insulin to keep me alive every hour of every day, the complications of exercise are forever front and centre. That, however, will never stop me and this blog is a help to me personally by way of a constant reflection of successes (and failures) as well as hopefully inspiring others with T1D to look beyond what they think is possible and to live life to their fullest. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re onthis planet to do?